The “Legal Consult Group” firm offers you to get verbal and written consultation, connected to all law areas. Verbal consultation gives you a possibility to get any of answers on your questions in a law area immediately.

The written consultations are extensive written reports (conclusions) with references to the law articles. You can use such services as representation in Court as well. It relives You from exhausting court hearing, collection of various documents and it will save your money and nerves.

An experienced lawyer or attorney will put into practice his knowledge; he will understand and clear up all the nuances of complex and difficult cases.

In our Low Firm You will be helped to make:

• pre – judicial claim

• Deeds of Gift/Gifting contracts

• Sales contracts

• Loan contracts and agreements

• Barter contracts and agreements

• Rent contracts and agreements

Our law firm will also prepare a pack of documents, which are necessary to register these contracts (documents). If necessary, we can provide support for the registration of contracts. Our Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services, assisting in the resolution in Your favor in:

• Family disputes

• Accommodation issues

• Labor disputes

• Land disputes

• Hereditary disputes

• Criminal cases

• Administrative proceedings

Experts of our legal advice will find a way out of any difficult situations. They will render and provide You with timely appropriate and highly qualified assistance.

In case, if your relatives, you personally, close relations are subjected to administrative or criminal prosecution, our lawyers and attorneys can provide You with expert assistance in the following areas:

• Representation of interests and protection of rights in proceedings before court’s concerning administrative offences;

• Appeal against judgments and decisions on administrative matters;

• Criminal defense at the stage of investigation, inquiry, including the moment of actual detention;

• Protection of the defendants in the first Court of appeal, Court of cassation;

• Preparation of procedural documents, requests, claims, applications, enquiries;

• Assistance in the implementation of the right to rehabilitation;

• Representation of the interests of victims at all stages of criminal proceeding;

• Representation of the interests of civil plaintiffs, defendants;

• Appeal of verdicts, appeal against judgments, ruling and regulations, including those entered into force (validity):

• Representing the interests of convicted persons in prisons, including parole (conventionally pre-scheduled release), replacement of unexpunged part of sentence/punishment with the milder one, appeal of actions and decisions of the administration of places of detention

The important factor of successful implementation of Criminal Defense is the timely access to a defender (lawyer, attorney), who must be trusted. The person, who turned out to be in a status of a suspect or an accused, doesn’t have legal knowledge and skills in this area; he isn’t able to choose the right line of behavior, according to the tactical point of view. In this regard, the meaning (the semantic content) of each word, that was told to the investigatoror in court, could have completely other meaning, as it was told in domestic sphere. The same goes for the actions committed by you. Timely assistance of lawyer (attorney), who has the right to intervene in the case detention (de￾facto –the capture), allows to choose the right line of behavior and exclude the possibility of the Criminal law on the part of the prosecuting authorities. This ensures the complete protection of the interests of person, who has got in trouble. Defender, which is endowed with the force of law in a wide range of rights, is an indispensable adviser and helper that are able to defend your interests

Participation of a representative in the case of administrative offences:

Currently, the Code of Administrative Offences provides for the participation of representative and protector for this category of cases, from the commencement of administrative proceedings, in other words – from the time of drawing up the report on administrative offence, and in the case of detention – from the time of administrative detention. As a rule, the officials, carrying out the proceedings on administrative cases do not explain people, including victims, their right to protection in general, and with this stage in particular. As a rule, it can be explained by the reluctance to see a professional in a case, which can in a legitimate way prevent possible violations of the citizen’s rights

Defender (representative), implementing the given him right to take part in insolvency proceeding about administrative offence since the commencement, currently provides the opportunity to use their procedural rights better, in the interests of the client, in the subsequent stages of the process. Our specialists are ready to provide You with professional assistance at any time.